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Energy Partnership for a Changing World

We provide our customers with clean and affordable energy options, while investing in a cleaner tomorrow.

Our Commitment

The Blue Spruce Energy team is dedicated to offering money-saving and reliable natural gas choices for our customers across California. We know that every penny counts these days, and we’re determined to find value. We’re also citizens of the planet, of course, and share our customers’ commitment to supporting renewable energy and sustainable practices. Together we can make a difference.


Blue Spruce Services

We’re energy guys, plain and simple, and we put our expertise to work for you in offering the most economical and environmentally-friendly gas options possible. California now allows residential and small commercial customers to choose their natural gas provider. We hope you choose us. Learn more about your options.

Put Down Your Roots

In celebration of our new Blue Spruce Green natural gas product, we are proud to announce a partnership with Plant-It 2020, a non-profit dedicated to reforestation of public lands and other environmental causes. For every new customer who chooses BLUE SPRUCE Green Gas our Green product, Blue Spruce Energy will fund the planting of a tree in California by Plant-It 2020.
Learn more about their program.



As a Blue Spruce Energy Customer, you’ll receive a free account to GreenCentsTM, an intuitive (and very cool) energy analysis app that will allow you to monitor and improve your energy consumption habits. Knowledge is the first step. Not only will you save money, but you’ll earn rewards, too. Learn more.