California natural gas choice splits the commodity charges (the actual gas molecules) from the delivery charges (the pipes, maintenance and emergency service). Those two components have always been part of a natural gas bill, of course, but as a new customer you’ll need to be aware of where to find those charges.

After you’ve become a Blue Spruce Energy customer, your utility will continue to bill you for the delivery charges, while Blue Spruce is due the commodity portion.

In the PG&E utility territory, you’ll continue to receive the same, familiar bill, and you should remit full payment to PG&E. The bill will outline both the utility delivery charges and the Blue Spruce commodity charges. Blue Spruce Bill with a more detailed explanation.

In SoCal Gas and San Diego Gas and Electric territories, you will receive two bills: one from the utility for delivery charges, and one from Blue Spruce for commodity charges. You should pay each company directly.

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved utility billing of third party charges, and technical teams are working to make it a reality in the coming months.

For more information on interpreting your bill, call our Customer Service at 1-800-296-2203 or email