Purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) from renewable energy projects such as wind are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial customers, as an uncertain climate future forces us to look for fossil fuel alternatives.

Advancing technologies are increasing the efficiency of green-energy installations, and the power they produce has become economically viable and a true, cost-conscious alternative.

In short, renewable energy has finally arrived.

Due to the nature of electricity production and distribution, however, customers who desire green energy in their home or business can’t draw a simple straight line to the nearest wind farm.

When you flip the switch, all electricity is the same. Green energy produced by renewable sources is sent into the power grid where it mixes with electricity generated by conventional, fossil-fuel sources. There’s no way to separate the “green” electrons from the “brown” ones.

Enter the REC

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are the instrument through which consumers can “green up” their electricity use, no matter where they live.

It works like this: Renewable energy generators create one REC for every megawatt hour of electricity they produce and place on the grid. That REC can be sold to any customer, and the owner can claim the environmental benefits of that renewable energy generation by pairing RECs with their electricity usage.

Your Part of a Cleaner Future

Purchasing RECs to correspond to your monthly electricity usage supports renewable energy projects.

Blue Spruce Energy’s Renewable Energy Certificates sold to California residential and commercial customers are Green-e Energy certified 100% wind RECs generated from facilities located throughout the nation.

Choose a plan that fits your consumption to reduce the environmental impact of your home or business’ electricity use. Blue Spruce Energy will purchase the RECs on your behalf.


Green-e Energy certifies that the BLUE SPRUCE Renewable Energy Certificates meet the environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at www.green-e.org/rec.

As with our natural gas energy products, your RECs will appear as a line item on your PG&E bill. In SoCal Gas and SDG&E, you’ll receive a separate bill from Blue Spruce Energy.

Choose Your Renewable Energy Certificate Size

This is a REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) product and does not contain electricity, which is billed by a separate company. A REC represents the environmental benefit of 1 megawatt hour of renewable energy generation that can be paired with electricity. For more information, see here.


Small Home


1000 sq. feet (500 kWh per month at $0.015 cents per kWh)


Medium Home


2000 sq. feet (1000 kWh per month at $0.015 cents per kWh)


Large Home


3000 sq. feet (1500 kWh per month at $0.015 cents per kWh)

Click here for REC Terms and Conditions, Historic Prospective Product Content Label and the Current Prospective Product Content Label. The contract length is 12 months and will automatically renew for another 12 months. There is no termination fee to cancel our contract.